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JUN 2017 - JUL 2017


JavaT is an app that has the same concept another app JavaQ used for people who study Java.
This is a very simple social network service for students who have any questions regarding Java or programming in general.

This is a team project with one of my classmates. See my deliverables for this project.


Since this has been our first time making this social networking service and using Firebase, it really took time to get used.

Feed / Detail

The post is able to be deleted by only its sender by pressing the delete button.


If the user has an account, it will show the user's name and picture from Firebase. If not, the default picture will show. We use Firebase Storage in order to manage their pictures.

Adding TextChangedListener to the name textField, it restricts an empty name and more than 20 character name.

/ Sign-Out

We changed the firebase rule so that users are able to see the timeline and other detailed pages without signing in(read only).
And it will show the sign-in dialog when attempting to post and add comments.

The option menu will change itself based on the sign-in status.

My main deliverables

  • UI / UX (prototype, layouts, styles)
  • Display time (formatted : just now, 1m, 1h, 1d…)
  • User pictures (access to the local pictures and manage with Firebase Storage)
  • Display posts and comments in the Detail page
  • Delete posts and comments function
  • Option menu
  • Firebase rule
  • And so on...