Brain training games


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MAY 2017


I made two brain training games, Low to High and Stroop Test. These were the very first apps that I made from scratch.


Since I was a beginner at Android app development, the main goal was to learn and get used to basic concepts. Furthermore, using CountDownTimer and switching layouts in the same activity were a little challenging.

#1 Low to High

This app is a replication of one of the games from the video game Brain Age by Nintendo.

Numbers appear in boxes for a short period of time. Afterwards, you must tap the boxes from lowest number to highest from memory.

If you select the wrong number twice, you lose.

#2 Stroop Test

One of five words (blue, black, yellow, green and red) will appear on screen, one after another, each appearing in a random color (which may not match the color denoted by the word).

The player must choose the color of the word, rather than its semantic meaning (e.g., if the word BLUE appears in red, the player should select the word "RED").